Intelligent transport systems

The smart future of transport management

In the world of transport, imagine this. Traffic is automatically redirected just seconds after an accident. Speed limits are automatically adjusted to the flow of traffic. Extra lanes become available before any bottlenecks. Cars not only “talk” to us and to each other but also drive themselves.

These are not futuristic fantasies, but real-world realities and possibilities, thanks to the evolution of intelligent transport systems (ITS), which are transforming our transport networks.

As a leading ITS developer and integrator, CGI uses a variety of proprietary technologies that work in harmony, including space and land-based wireless communications, radar, sensor and information technologies, and more. We’re innovating in a wide range of ITS related areas such as the following:

Why CGI?

With 30+ years of experience in the transport industry, we’re at the forefront of ITS, and we're excited about integrating ITS technologies into our communities, cars, and handheld devices, revolutionizing how transport is thought about and done. Below are highlights of our ITS work across the globe.

  • We manage the world’s largest ITS (Automated Traffic Violations Administering and Monitoring) in Saudi Arabia. The program has deployed more than $1 billion in new law enforcement, traffic management and security systems across all eight main cities in Saudi Arabia. It is also the first program in the world to integrate and manage these systems using proprietary software and 11 command and control data centers.
  • CGI developed an Empowered Personal Travel service platform that monitors public transport and provides real-time information on scheduled arrivals and delays for Transport for Greater Manchester.
  • Big data and smart analysis solutions provided by CGI have resulted in smoother bus traffic, more satisfied passengers, and environmental benefits for the Finnish bus services, Helsingin Bussiliikenne.
  • CGI and the Dutch railway operator, NS together developed iNStapp, an innovative application that allows train travellers to locate free or less crowded areas on the train. This virtual, back office train solution was built to better inform travellers and give them more control over their journey.
  • ProRail and CGI developed a state-of-the-art solution called SIGMA that enables employees to manage the condition of rail lines, as well as combine and present railroad track data in multiple dimensions via a geographical information system.
  • CGI worked on the European Commission funded CVIS initiative and the Dutch Government SPITS program, developing in-car and infrastructure technologies that will transform how vehicles communicate with each other and the broader transport network.
  • CGI, together with Network Rail, developed a track access billing system (TABS) using Microgen’s Aptitude rules engine and Oracle reporting tools. We also developed a unique, rule-based system to support automated billing.
  • CGI plays a key role in the work of the UK’s Automotive Council’s intelligent mobility working group.

ITS World and European Congresses

As an ITS thought leader, CGI also helps to organize the annual ITS World and European Congresses to showcase ITS trends and innovations. Visit our event page for more information.