Improving the passenger experience and achieving efficiencies

Increasing regulation, cost pressures and competition are driving the need for greater operational efficiencies in the transport and logistics sectors. Passenger expectations also are on the rise, challenging companies to launch new products and services and enhance the passenger experience. Through advanced digital technologies, CGI is working with transport and logistics clients across the globe to drive business transformation and growth.

CGI partners with clients across the aviation, rail, maritime, and road and regional sectors. With an in-depth understanding of our clients’ industry challenges and business needs, we deliver innovative digital business solutions that improve energy and process efficiencies, optimize the passenger experience, enhance cybersecurity, increase regulatory compliance, and much more.

Experience and expertise

  • 207 clients in the aviation, rail, maritime, road and regional transit, and logistics sectors
  • Provider of end-to-end IT transport and logistics services, from consulting to full IT outsourcing, along with specialized IT aviationrail, and road and regional services
  • 30+ years of transport and logistics experience
  • Award-winning customer intelligence solutions, including mobile apps such as iNStapp for train occupancy, My Train for train arrival, and Helsinki Journey Planner for trip planning
  • Predictive analytics, mobile, gamification and sensor technology to help clients, such as Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (HelB), a bus operator in Helsinki, the City of Rotterdam, and transport provider DHL Express in the Netherlands to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions and improve driver safety
  • Broad intelligent transport systems expertise, solutions and capabilities
  • Successful delivery of major transport and logistics IT projects across the globe, including the following:
    • First biometric border control solution in Europe
    • Delivery of an innovative loyalty solution, Privium, for the Schiphol Airport
  • Provider of CGI Traffic360, a service involving the monitoring of more than 22,000 kilometers of tolled roads in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to ensure maximum toll collection
  •  Provider of Pro Logistica, a CGI-built, enterprise-wide mobile retail solution used by 28 airlines worldwide that provides flexible mobile retailing functionality for managing onboard sales and stock movement
  • Provider of GO Airport Operations Suite, a comprehensive business and technology platform used by 10 airports in Portugal, serving approximately 39 million passengers each year, to optimize airport operations management