Our solutions

Powering clients’ businesses with mission-critical solutions

Our full-service offering includes a large portfolio of CGI-developed solutions. These software applications, reusable frameworks and delivery methods represent years of investment in capturing our industry and technology expertise. Whether deploying our own solutions or solutions that combine CGI and partner capabilities, CGI exemplifies know how in the design, implementation and management of the solutions that power our clients’ businesses.

With CGI-built solutions, clients benefit from our time-tested, domain-specific, repeatable IP solutions that drive their business goals.

Featured solutions

CGI offers 150+ mission-critical solutions and frameworks to support the industries we serve and clients’ cross-industry functions. These solutions have been developed to address market, geography-based and global needs. Our clients rely on CGI’s solutions to manage numerous key functions, including:

  • Credit, payment and trade
  • Cybersecurity
  • Government enterprise resource planning and collections
  • Electronic records, patient-care management and pathology
  • Asset and workforce management
  • Smart metering
  • Supply chain acceleration
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Oil and gas lifecycle management

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By industry

CGI has deep knowledge of and experience within our clients’ industries. We offer industry-specific solutions designed to address our clients’ top business needs. We also leverage our cross-industry expertise to bring new, proven ideas from one sector to another.

These solutions are complemented by our end-to-end service offerings—from consulting and systems integration to IT outsourcing and business process services—that support our clients’ holistic transformation. Through our local proximity business model, we adapt these solutions and services to address each client’s specific needs, and complement our local team with best-fit global delivery options.

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Our partners

Our end-to-end services, industry expertise, and CGI-built business and IT solutions help clients with their mission-critical, transformative work.

CGI also has an ecosystem of technology partners that combine CGI and partner capabilities to address clients’ business needs. Our pool of global and specialized partners, combined with alliances, market analysts and advisors, academic institutions, and research bodies, creates a wealth of knowledge, expertise and resources to help transform and modernize our clients’ businesses.

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