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All Payments
CGI’s All Payments solution is a modern, integrated and flexible payments services hub that supports the full spectrum of payment services.
CGI’s Aromi enterprise resource planning system manages all of a food service provider’s processes—from sales, to production, to delivery.
Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite

CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite is a business tool box that can be applied as an entire suite or as individual components. It offers organizational control over asset, work, resource and field processes and provides for the collection of critical operational data. 

CACS Enterprise
CGI’s market-leading CACS Enterprise collections system helps you reduce operating expenses, delinquencies and write-offs, while building profitable customer relationships and improving all aspects of your end-to-end collections and recovery operations..
CACS Recovery Accounting
Part of CGI’s CACS Enterprise collections and recovery system, CACS Recovery Accounting addresses today’s key recovery accounting challenges, driving results and competitive advantage.
Central Energy Management System
A smart grid management system that limits power grid imbalances by monitoring home energy usage to help residents make better choices with regard to their energy consumption.
CGI Accelerate®
CGI Accelerate provides a high quality, flexible, efficient and reusable framework that accelerates the implementation or upgrade process.
CGI Advantage ERP
CGI's leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite helps state and local governments and educational institutions improve operational efficiencies, constituent services and performance, all while reducing costs.
CGI Advantage implementation services
CGI Advantage360®
CGI Advantage360 is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that expedites delivery of CGI’s world class government ERP capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership.
CGI Advantage® Case Management
CGI Advantage Case Management automates and transforms processes for creating and managing cases to improve efficiency, flexibility and customer service.
CGI Advantage® Obligation Recovery
CGI Advantage Obligation Recovery is a built-for-government, integrated financial management and debt recovery solution.
CGI AgileEnergy360

U.S. exploration and production companies are focusing their IT priorities on becoming more agile and reducing the cost of operations to invest in change. CGI AgileEnergy360 strategically integrates BPO and ITO services to increase agility and savings.

CGI AgileIQ Suite
Based on market-leading tools and industry best practices, CGI AgileIQ Suite empowers teams to build better software with an advanced development platform and exceptional transparency.
CGI AssureIQ
CGI AssureIQ provides software and services in a single, centralized solution to improve security risk visibility into an organization’s IT environments.
CGI Atlas360
For organizations seeking to reduce costs and increase agility in their worldwide operations, CGI Atlas360 provides a cost-efficient, global contact center network leveraging fully integrated Software as a Service (SaaS).
CGI Case Management solution
CGI’s Case Management solution automates and transforms case management, driving efficiencies, flexibility and enhanced customer service.
CGI Centaur
A versatile and all-in-one risk management platform that provides real-time fraud detection, know your customer and customer due diligence, and anti-money laundering capabilities.
CGI Collections360
CGI designs and manages leading collections and recovery systems that allow clients to reduce delinquencies and charge offs, automate and streamline the entire credit life cycle, support rapid rollout of new products and services, and improve customer satisfaction, retention and acquisition.
CGI CommunityCare360
CGI CommunityCare360 is a modular solution that connects patients, primary care physicians, case coordinators, work coordinators, extended care teams, mobile care providers, first responders, administrators and managers.
CGI Enterprise Gateway
This solution greatly simplifies the increasingly complex process of developing and maintaining multiple interfaces to third-party data sources.
CGI FXSuite360
A complete front- to back-office solution, CGI's Foreign Exchange system is built and supported by industry specialists
CGI Gateway360
CGI Gateway360 is a fully managed solution that provides a single point of access to third-party credit and collections information services and analytics for better decisions and faster response at the lowest cost.
CGI Insight
CGI Insight, part of CGI’s comprehensive Collections360® solution portfolio, enables default managers to uncover valuable insight hidden away in their collection data and effectively use it to drive competitive advantage.
CGI Notify
For organizations seeking to automate the delivery of SMS (text), voice and email messages to internal or external audiences, CGI Notify is a cost-effective interactive service for sending and receiving such notifications.
CGI OnCue360
CGI OnCue360 is a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution that enables organizations to improve decision making and workforce productivity.
CGI Open Finance
CGI Open Finance is a complete solution for open banking, enabling the integration of traditional banks and their product-centric applications with FinTechs through an innovative API and orchestration layer.
CGI Participation Next
Participation Next enables tangible demonstration of citizen participation. This innovative platform helps municipalities connect citizens, organizations and local initiatives based on their interests, connections and location making participation easier and more fun.
CGI Payments360
CGI Payments360 is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services developed by CGI specifically to support transformation across the payment life cycle.
CGI PragmaCAD Mobile Workforce Management

Provides accurate and efficient mobile resource forecasting, scheduling, dispatching and communication for guaranteed improvements in service availability, field productivity, and cost savings.

CGI PragmaLINE Outage, Network and Storm Management
Minimizes the disruption and cost of power outages by automating and optimizing outage detection, reporting and restoration processes
CGI Profio360
A comprehensive ERP solution designed to meet the unique requirements of project-based businesses in manufacturing and construction.
CGI ProperPay
CGI ProperPay provides predictive analytics, workflow management, rules management and global best practices for preventing healthcare claims fraud, waste and abuse. It is available in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud.
CGI Sovera ECM Suite
Overview of CGI Sovera ECM solutions and services for the healthcare provider marketplace.
CGI TestSavvy
CGI TestSavvy is transforming the industry with a patented approach to test automation. It empowers manual testers to write sophisticated automation scenarios themselves, with no coding expertise required, so fewer testers are needed to meet required test coverage, quality parameters and timelines.
CGI Trade360
CGI Trade360 delivers all of the software, infrastructure and support resources necessary to power a bank’s global trade business.
CGI’s TWIN360 solution optimizes the end-to-end treasury and asset management life cycle for organizations operating in a global, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-user and multi-instrument environment.
CGI Unify360
CGI Unify360 provides the unified IT platform, consulting services, frameworks and practices needed to understand an organization’s entire IT portfolio, create cohesive strategies that align IT to business objectives, and maximize IT investments as a result.
CGI Unify360 Portfolio Manager
CGI Unify360 Portfolio Manager provides a comprehensive approach to modernize, transform, optimize and manage application assets.
CGI's Merlot Medi for emergency medical care management
CGI's Merlot Medi system enables fast information sharing between hospitals and personnel at the scene of an accident, as well as more efficient emergency interventions. It was developed with direct input from medical care professionals to create a management and reporting system tailored specifically to their needs.
Charge-Point Interactive Management System
A smart grid management system that limits power grid imbalances by monitoring home energy usage to help residents make better choices with regard to their energy consumption.
Charge-Point Interactive Management SystemThis solution offers full-scale electric vehicle charge-point management capabilities delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) via our private cloud.
Checkpoint automobile insurance inspections
Complete vehicle pre-insurance and physical damage inspection services for the U.S. and Canada.
CLS Manager
CGI’s CLS Manager provides member banks with the control, reconciliation and automation capabilities needed to drive the success of their CLS business.
CollaborativeEdge to streamline data capture activities
This solution interfaces between agency management systems and carriers' policy administration systems, as well as with industry databases, to exchange underwriting, billing and claims data.
efluidMC Client Management and Billing Software Package
efluidMC is an integrated client relation management software package dedicated to the utilities sector . It was designed for energy suppliers and distributors through a split-vision business and technical offering.
eINcent web-based commissions and channel management
This sales compensation management software leverages Web technologies to streamline sales compensation processes across the enterprise and external sales network.
Energy efficiency solutions

Helps organizations build comprehensive and robust systems for enhanced tracking and management, resulting in the ability to better contribute to reducing energy consumption, meet portfolio targets, address government regulations and improve customer service

Enterprise and financial management systems (enVision)
enVision is a fully integrated and scalable modular financial management system built specifically for Canadian oil and gas companies.
Exploration2Revenue (X2R) Business Suite
CGI’s Exploration2Revenue™ (X2R) Business Suite is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services designed for managing the oil and gas upstream back office for North American operators with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency.
FASTWIRE Open delivers the highest throughput of any financial messaging solution on the market and can be tailored to meet the requirements of banks of all sizes.
FATCA compliance services
CGI’s offers end-to-end FATCA compliance services designed to facilitate quick, easy and cost-effective compliance.
GO Airport Operations Suite
CGI’s GO Airport Operations Suite provides a comprehensive platform for optimizing airport operations management, enabling airports to drive performance and profitability.
HORIZON Financial Suite
This core retail bank system is made up of several standalone components that manage all front- and back-office retail banking activities, increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and improving customer service.
HotScan Watch List Filtering
CGI’s HotScan watch list filtering software scales to scan all payments and customer data, provides notifications of matches against watch lists and meets the constantly rising regulatory compliance bar.
Identicate, CGI’s real-time identity fraud and authentication solution, enables you to instantly determine whether a customer transaction can be trusted.
Intelligent Cargo
CGI’s Intelligent Cargo solution supports companies in managing the logistical and administrative requirements for transporting goods, regardless of load size.
Internet of Things (IoT) Framework for Health
CGI’s IoT Framework for Health can assist healthcare providers in structuring their IoT solutions to achieve targeted outcomes and scale to a comprehensive vision. It includes a catalog of workflows, IoT applications and decision support solutions to assist healthcare enterprises in achieving situational awareness and intelligence.
INTransit mobile roaming billing solution
This solution manages the end-to-end roaming billing process and provides for valuable customer information.
Investment advisor
CGI Wealth360 investment advisor provides advisors with an easy-to-use system to manage their book of business.
Investment funds
CGI's Wealth360 investment fund offers a fully integrated suite of investment funds processing, order management, fund accounting and record-keeping software used by leading investment fund institutions.

CGI’s LANDMan is a comprehensive suite of land and asset management solutions built specifically to manage Canadian oil and gas surface and mineral assets.

Liberty Financial Software Suite
A comprehensive software suite that features innovative software solutions for managing account and loan originations, customer financial profiles and online banking.
License2Share (L2S) is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution specifically created for joint venture management within the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors.
Momentum for federal ERP
CGI's ERP solution built specifically for U.S. federal agencies.
Mortgage portfolio management solution - SwixMortgage
Specially designed for the Canadian mortgage securitization industry
CGI’s MOSAIC is a powerful supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that satisfies a full range of requirements for data acquisition and control. MOSAIC combines a relational database model with industry-leading history capabilities to provide a flexible, secure SCADA environment.

CGI helps clients develop effective multisource services integration/service integration and management (MSI/SIAM) model in the cloud age.

My Health Portal
CGI’s My Health Portal solution is a complete online health and wellness program for your staff, resulting in increased employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention.
Navici Trip Planner
CGI’s Navici® Trip Planner delivers accurate, up-to-date travel information based on a user’s geographic location.
Oil & Gas - CGI Map
CGI Map is an easy-to-use tool that brings geographic, land, well and other information to U.S. oil and gas companies users’ desktops.
Patient SafetyService
CGI’s Patient Safety Service provides a comprehensive electronic dashboard of adverse events affecting patients in the course of treatment.
CGI’s PetroComp™ provides accounting, land and production solutions to help U.S. upstream producers drive efficiencies, productivity gains and cost savings across their operations.
PetroComp Accounting
CGI’s PetroComp Accounting is an easy-to-use oil and gas accounting system designed for the U.S. oil and gas industry.
PetroComp Land
PetroComp Land is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system for managing U.S. oil and gas leases and other fee properties.
Plan administration
CGI Wealth360 plan administration provides a robust and proven plan administration platform that currently serves the Canadian financial services industry.
Pro Logistica
CGI’s Pro Logistica is a retail solution for onboard sales in airline and railway services.
CGI’s PRODIS provides commercial management solutions that cover the entire oil and gas supply chain—from production and transportation, to distribution and sale.
Production Accounting Solution (PAS)
CGI's Production Accounting Solution (PAS) optimizes the entire production accounting life cycle for both small and large Canadian upstream businesses.
Production management
These applications provide both field and corporate staff members with intuitive tools to perform effective volumetric reporting for the Canadian oil and gas industry.
Production Volume Reporting (PVR)
CGI’s Production Volume Reporting (PVR) solution offers upstream companies an effective means of collecting, compiling and reporting field data.
ProSteward OnlineAn online chemical hazard document and data management system that enables organization to effectively meet their compliance responsibilities.
ProSteward360CGI’s leading solution for industrial organizations that streamlines processes and systems for global hazardous materials compliance.
Protecting innovation with patents
Recognized leadership, continuing innovation
Ratabase certification program
Explains three comprehensive certifications that individuals may pursue to earn a certification of CGI’s Ratabase solution
Ratabase insurance rating and underwriting software
Ratabase, CGI’s leading insurance rating and underwriting software solution, empowers business users to deploy complex rating programs in a fraction of the time and cost.
Renewables Management System
An integrated technology platform that centralizes and optimizes the operations of renewable energy producers, providing extensive real-time monitoring, control and operational performance management capabilities.
Retail Banking Delivery Solutions - EBS
An ASP solution for Trusts, Schedule II Banks, and Specialized Lenders, EBS offers cross-functionality for all banking service requirements.
RFS Retail Banking
This solution offers rich functionality to help you design your financial institution and effectively manage your cash dispensing, teller, online and call center banking activities.
Royalty Management System (RMS)
For the Canada oil and gas industry, CGI offers innovative royalty management software and consulting services that meet complex regulatory reporting requirements and crown invoice obligations.
Sales Reporting Management
As tax evaders become increasingly advanced in their methods for skimming cash receipts, governments are challenged to keep pace. CGI helps public sector clients fight tax evasion in cash-based industries with a sophisticated technology solution implemented at Revenu Québec, one of the largest revenue agencies in North America.
SIGMASIGMA is an award-winning system that provides railroad administrators an extensive geographic overview of tracks and their surroundings.
A comprehensive meter data management (MDM) platform to help utilities benefit from the all of the advantages of smart meters, including improved efficiencies, customer service and profitability.
Strata Enterprise
This business rules engine is used by organizations worldwide to implement business rules and evaluate and measure customer treatment strategies.
Terminal Management System
CGI’s Terminal Management System supports the core business functions involved in dry bulk terminal management, providing complete oversight and control over terminal logistics and performing all administrative handling.
Trust Asset Accounting Management System (TAAMS)
CGI’s Trust Asset Accounting Management System helps federal, state, provincial and local/municipal governments efficiently meet their land management requirements.
Wealth management consulting services
CGI’s wealth management consulting services help organizations define strategies in order to, design, develop and implement the systems and processes that best realize an organization’s transformation objectives.
Web Promises
CGI’s Web Promises enables organizations to effectively transition their collections activities to the Web and begin collecting more money immediately—without adding additional staff or overhead.

CGI's WM-card is an industry-leading fuel card payment system covering all major card payment functions, including issuing, acquiring, interchange, authorization, settlement, invoice/accounting, disputes/chargebacks and collections.

X2R FAS for Financial Accounting
X2R FAS is an integrated suite of integrated suite of accounting modules for North American operators that provide effective tools for accountants to administer oil and gas financial and operations data, as well as joint venture accounting of oil and gas and trust organizations.
X2R HCA for Hydrocarbon Accounting
CGI’s innovative X2R HCA application uses advanced technology to give North American oil and gas operators the visibility they need for profitability, forecasting, simulation and production optimization.
X2R LAND for Land and Asset Management
CGI’s innovative X2R LAND system allows oil and gas companies to manage and report on their lands in both the U.S. and Canada.
X2R MDC for Mobile Data Capture
CGI’s X2R Mobile Data Capture (MDC) solution gives North American oil and gas field operators the ability to electronically capture and verify facility data in the field.