Post and logistics

Digital solutions for strengthening customer focus and achieving cost savings

The post and logistics sector is rapidly evolving as governments seek to privatize services, competition continues to rise, and new digital technologies revolutionize how business is done. Post and logistics organizations are under pressure to attract and retain customers, increase operational efficiencies, and improve the speed and accuracy of deliveries.

CGI partners with post and logistics clients worldwide to drive business transformation through IT modernization, Internet of Things, digital insight, cybersecurity and other advanced technologies. From supply chain acceleration, to order management optimization, to increased energy savings and an enhanced customer experience, we deliver business results that help clients keep pace with evolving trends and create competitive advantage.

Experience and expertise

  • Partner to major logistics companies, such as Hamburg Süd and DB Schenker, as well as numerous companies in other industries
  • Decades of experience and a large staff of post and logistics experts with a reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery and consistently high client satisfaction ratings

Highlights of our recent work:

  • CGI is supporting transport and logistics companies by using iBeacon technology to improve operational efficiencies and the customer experience. CGI helped Posti in Finland, for example, become the first in the world to integrate iBeacon technology for indoor parcel tracking, making it easier for customers to pick up and drop off parcels.
  • 25 million Nordic residents, plus 2 million companies, receive 5.9 billion letters, 110 million parcels and 2.5 billion kilograms of goods delivered by PostNord every year with the support of CGI’s services.
  • CGI is delivering an innovative business intelligence approach with state-of-the-art technologies and CO2 optimized infrastructure in partnership with the Deutsche Bahn Group.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) solutions implemented by CGI for Itella in Finland are used in 500 postal service outlets and by 1,500 users across the country, and through CGI’s process automation, Itella now receives more than 5 million electronic acknowledgements within its service outlet network every year.
  • CGI is part of the European Research project, iCargo, looking at innovative logistics solutions to support the sharing of information in an easy, secure and controlled way, enabling the availability of real-time information and emission monitoring for the whole supply chain.
  • CGI’s River Information Services (RIS) solution for Schelderadarketen (SRK) harmonizes and enriches data, enabling interoperability between SRK applications and various partner systems and improving the safety, effectiveness and environmental friendliness of inland waterway freight movement.
  • CGI’s IT4CARGO TARIC service helps clients such as Nurminen Logistics use the correct codes in custom declarations to ensure proper duty and tax payments. 
  • CGI is responsible for the operations and support system of the Europort Barrier (the Maeslant and Hartel barrier), which is managed by Rijkswaterstaat. The system ensures that the barrier closes when the water level is likely to be too high based on the predicted water level, wind direction and speed. The system is fully automated and requires no human intervention.