CGI partners

Building an expansive ecosystem to create client value

Building and managing an expansive ecosystem of partners for the benefit of our clients is one of CGI’s top priorities. Our pool of global and specialized partners, combined with alliances, market analysts and advisors, academic institutions and research bodies, creates a wealth of knowledge, expertise and resources that have resulted in thousands of successful client projects.

CGI’s partner program consists of the following.

  • Global partners – At the company-wide level, CGI works with a concentrated set of leading technology partners to bring the best solutions to our clients' business need.
  • Ecosystem management consulting – Based on our vast experience in managing a wide range of partner and alliance relationships—from reseller relationships to true global partnerships—we consult with clients on how to best build and manage their own partner ecosystems. Examples of this are where we provide multi-year applications management to clients that have a broad and often complex array of essential application providers to support their businesses.