Corporate governance

Practices that balance the interests of our stakeholders

Good corporate governance is very important to us. The values we share at CGI form the foundation of our corporate governance practices. Our practices seek to balance the interests of our key stakeholders: our clients, our shareholders and our members.

CGI and corporate governance

Letter to shareholders on corporate governance

Fundamental texts

This set of documents presents the fundamental texts that define the mission, the vision, the corporate dream and values, the management framework, as well as the documents pertaining to corporate governance, and the codes of ethics and conduct of CGI Group Inc.

Board composition

Corporate governance practices

The Company supports and conducts its business in accordance with the existing Toronto Stock Exchange guidelines for effective corporate governance. These guidelines address such matters as the constitution and independence of Boards of Directors, the functions to be performed by Boards of Directors and their committees, and the relationship between the Board of Directors, management and shareholders. Click here for a brief description of the Company's corporate governance practices.

Reprinted from CGI's Notice of Annual Meeting and Management Proxy Circular dated December 12, 2016.