Delivering secure, reliable, innovative solutions into space

Software-based space systems have enabled many powerful benefits—from exploring the universe and monitoring our own planet's health, to assisting with disaster relief and better navigating our world. As the number of satellite applications continues to grow, so does the value they can deliver. Today's space organizations seek to increase the value of their space investments, while combatting ever-growing security threats to space assets and information.

CGI delivers complex, mission critical space software systems and is a recognised thought leader in space security and space-enabled applications.   We are a European leader in military satellite communications ground systems and support civilian space agencies such as the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as Aerospace and Satcoms companies.  CGI has a 40 year heritage of working with the European space industry from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic and Italy.

Through these long-standing client relationships, and our dedicated practice of space and satellite experts, we have earned a reputation for solving technically difficult software challenges with secure solutions, delivered on time and proven to work every time.

In addition to working on major European navigation, communication, science, exploration and earth observation programs, CGI shares innovative uses of space and satellite technology with commercial organizations to solve business challenges.

Experience and expertise

  • Our software has supported the missions of more than 200 satellites.
  • We delivered the Galileo satellite constellation control facility that will control all of Galileo's 30 satellites— Europe's strategically important satellite navigation system.
  • We delivered systems that produce weather satellite images and data across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa covering a population of over 3 billion people.
  • CGI supported Estonia's first satellite launch by building the satellite's ground station control software.
  • We have been working at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) for over 30 years and have 5 CGI members in the ESOC Rosetta flight control team who have helped to successfully guide Rosetta and Philae, its lander.
  • The core infrastructure for the first demonstrator for the Galileo Commercial Service, part of the emerging European Global Navigation Satellite System, is being built by CGI.