Central and federal government

Modernizing complex operations for better government

With increasing pressure on budgets, central and federal governments seek to maximize revenues and efficiency, and reduce costs, without sacrificing the quality of public services for citizens. All of this requires technology that automates processes, integrates data from numerous sources, and adapts easily to change.

Since 1976, CGI has helped governments modernize their programs to meet these needs in defense and intelligence, health and human services, public safety and justice, tax, revenue and collections and space, as well as agriculture, education and environment. Our client experience in North America includes over 100 U.S. federal agency clients and more than 95 Canadian federal clients. In Europe, we work with the European Commission and central governments in 8 countries.

CGI's government-focused offerings improve public accounting, financial management, HR and payroll management, as well as procurement and e-purchasing. We also transform collections and recovery programs with our leading CGI Collections360 for Government solution. Additionally, CGI works with clients in areas such as mobile solutions and big data and help them effectively leverage key technologies such as cloud computing to support transformation programs.

Experience and expertise

  • We have helped to improve tax administration for 6 national agencies in North America, Europe and Australia.
  • We enable the Czech National Library to digitize approximately 54,000 pages per day, allowing 26 million pages of literary production to be available digitally to the public.
  • CGI solutions manage the financials of 100+ U.S. federal agencies.
  • CGI developed the ADAMS mobile application for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that is being used by more than 25,000 athletes worldwide, enabling them to enter, check and change information on their whereabouts as part of their WADA obligations.
  • For the U.S. Department of State, CGI provides services to approximately 5 million U.S. visa applicants annually in 70 countries in 39 languages.
  • Ensuring uptime of Canada's import/export permitting control system is paramount to maintaining its economic stability. Canadians rely on CGI to host and maintain this system in order to ensure the constant daily flow of goods across their borders.
  • In 2014, over 12.7 million citizens in France have electronically filed over 14.5 million income tax declarations using our TéléIR application.