Digital transformation

Helping clients become customer-centric digital organizations

Digitalization is having a huge impact on all organizations. Competition from new players and the proliferation of new business models is disrupting the status quo. Those investing in digital transformation are moving ahead, implementing more efficient processes, launching new products and services, and enhancing the customer, citizen and employee experience. Through CGI’s enterprise digital transformation capabilities and digital industry expertise, CGI helps clients embark on their digital transformation journeys and succeed in becoming customer-centric digital organizations.

Enterprise digital transformation capabilities

The expectation for seamless, omni-channel and personal interactions is pushing the adoption of digital strategies, processes and systems. CGI helps clients build digital enterprises centered on the needs of their customers and citizens.

  • Digital customer experience – CGI works with organizations to create a holistic, personalized, omni-channel customer and citizen experience, starting with strategy development and culminating in advanced digital solutions that deliver a new services paradigm. We provide digital insight, customer relationship management, loyalty, targeted marketing, mobility and other solutions, along with in-depth industry expertise and a full suite of IT support capabilities. Learn more about our offerings for the digital enterprise and our customer experience offerings within the communications, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and consumer services, transportation and utilities sectors.
  • Agile – Traditionally, enterprise organizations have leveraged the “waterfall” approach, developing processes and systems as discrete activities with discrete teams. CGI helps clients move beyond silos and evolve through an agile approach, where integrated teams focus on all phases of a process and system and work together through a more iterative, flexible method that enables a quick response to changing business requirements and technologies. Learn more about our agile services.
  • Digital insights (data) – Organizations need a systematic way to turn data into valuable digital insight that drives improvements across their operations, enhances their relationships with customers, citizens and employees, and generates profitable growth. We view digital insight as a profit center—not a cost center. Using advanced data analytic technologies, we help clients get the most from their data to achieve a high return on investment and create competitive advantage. Learn more about CGI’s innovative data analytics solutions and visit our data analytics blog.
  • Cybersecurity – CGI serves as a trusted cybersecurity partner to commercial and government clients worldwide, providing a full range of services to protect against current and future threats. We understand security from all angles—technology, business and legal—and help our clients effectively manage complex security challenges. We are one of the few providers worldwide with three accredited security certification facilities, and our global Security Operations Centers handle hundreds of millions of cyber events per day. Learn more about our advanced cybersecurity services, view our cybersecurity video playlist and visit our cybersecurity blog.

To achieve digital transformation, public and private sector organizations seek to transform holistically—from the workforce needed to lead their transformation to the technologies required to support a more efficient way of working.

  • Human capital strategy – In the face of increasing digitalization, organizations are under pressure to reinvent not just their business models, but also their workforces. CGI collaborates with clients to develop and implement a holistic digital workforce strategy that is focused on those leading skills that can attract, retain, change and manage the strategic and execution aspects of your organization.
  • Digital employees – Complementing the investment in your human capital strategy is enabling your employees to collaborate digitally. CGI provides tailored solutions to enable advanced mobile, unified and collaborative communications, such as enterprise social networking, virtual workspace and content management. Through these platforms, your employees are informed, aligned and engaged in executing your digital transformation.
  • Automation – With the increasing complexity of hybrid IT environments and cloud technologies and delivery methods, it’s critical to automate your business processes and IT services. Through CGI’s robotic process automation (RPA) services, we help clients automate their infrastructures, software development, administrative tasks, front-office services and more to reduce costs, enable standardization, scale to meet business needs, and make rapid changes to adapt to constant changing dynamics.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – IoT is a key digital transformation enabler, revolutionizing business through “smart” assets that connect and interact in new ways to drive improvements in decision-making, processes and services. Realizing the full value of IoT requires a business-led approach that focuses on generating financial benefits and competitive advantage. CGI’s “start small, then scale” methodology guides you through each step involved, helping you to define and achieve your IoT objectives through a tailored roadmap. Discover CGI’s Internet of Things offerings.
  • SaaS – Through a SaaS model, clients benefit from faster delivery upgrades and other enhancements that are built into the service. As clients transform into digital organizations, the resulting speed, flexibility and cost savings delivered through SaaS-based applications has become a business imperative. From consulting with organizations on adopting SaaS strategies to offering our own SaaS-based IP solutions, CGI helps clients accelerate their transformation initiatives.

Digital transformation isn’t about technology; it’s about changing the business model. We help enterprise organizations with large legacy investments cross the digital divide.

  • Operating model (process and data) – To enable transformation, organizations need to adapt and create operating models that leverage greater connectivity and digital insights. CGI helps clients examine their operating models to reinvent traditional service-delivery approaches to regain market share and drive profitability.
  • IT modernization (apps and systems) – IT modernization is a top priority for today’s organizations as they seek to reduce the costs of running their business and invest more in becoming customer-centric digital enterprises. CGI provides clear roadmaps and end-to-end services for modernizing legacy business processes, applications and infrastructures. Visit our applications services and infrastructure services sections to learn more about our offerings and approach.
  • Cloud / IaaS – Cloud computing is revolutionizing IT delivery, reshaping the consumer and employee experience, and enabling organizations to launch new services and products more quickly. However, moving to the cloud and effectively managing cloud solutions can be complex. Ensuring security, availability and performance are top concerns, not to mention the need for ongoing innovation, flexibility and cost savings. CGI’s cloud services help clients successfully manage every aspect of the cloud and reap all of the advantages it affords. Learn more about our comprehensive cloud computing services and solutions, including the CGI Unify360 solution.
  • Transformational outsourcing – Digital transformation requires investment, and CGI is in the business of helping clients fund this investment through our transformational outsourcing work. Our leading governance model and proactive management approach combined with a full range of services and best-fit global delivery options results in a substantial and sustainable improvement of clients’ business and IT performance. Learn more about CGI’s IT outsourcing services and business process services.
  • Regulatory compliance – Remaining compliant with ever-increasing regulatory requirements is driving further investments in IT. Often these investments are viewed as taking away from those activities that improve the customer experience. With CGI, we help clients address their regulatory compliance needs as part of their overall operating model transformation, embracing opportunities that help them comply while evolving to become a profitable digital enterprise.