Learning and development

A steadfast commitment to continuous development

We know that one of the key components of our success is the talent, skills and knowledge of the people who join our team—professionals like you. For this reason, we strive to create a stimulating environment where you can excel at what you do, and have various opportunities to continually learn, share knowledge, innovate and progress toward your career aspirations.

Through learning and development programs, challenging engagements, stretch assignments and available positions, you'll find what you need to hone your skills and succeed.

Acquisition of knowledge and skills

In addition to technical, professional and educational programs offered within each of CGI's locations, you'll find a variety of learning opportunities provided by the CGI Leadership Institute to help you develop your leadership abilities and enhance your knowledge in your area of expertise, such as:

  • CGI 101: seminar for management that covers CGI from A to Z with executive presentations, hands-on case studies and networking exercises
  • Project Leadership Program: several tailored learning and development opportunities designed to sustain and increase CGI's impressive delivery success rate
  • Personal Development Kiosk (PDK): 24/7 access to a wide range of online learning resources and an extensive online library of books and reference manuals

Knowledge sharing

By joining CGI's technical and functional interest groups, you'll benefit from a continuous, real-time acquisition and exchange of knowledge that allows you to access and leverage each others' expertise, collaborate on problem-solving, reuse intellectual property assets and share the latest know-how in our ever-evolving industry.

Knowledge Sharing
openCGI has developed practice focus connections that allow me to connect with my colleagues from all around the world. And, it gives us an opportunity to share resources, lessons learned, best practices and to really work together as a seamless delivery team to our clients.close

Melanie Gallant, Director of Consulting

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Creativity and innovation

No matter your position or industry sector, you'll be continuously encouraged to be creative in improving ways of doing things, in finding solutions for clients and in helping drive CGI's continuous success. Moreover, you'll be invited to leverage your knowledge and skills in developing reusable methodologies, business processes, software code and other intellectual property assets. For example, our Excellence in Innovation Award Program has been designed to encourage and reward such innovation.  

Development through synergy opportunities

CGI is in the business of delivering solutions that leverage our global capabilities, which in turn affords you with many opportunities to develop your skills and advance your career. By working in synergy with project teams, you'll have an opportunity to learn from others. Our teams are structured to allow you to draw on the expertise of team members with diverse experience and backgrounds, which fosters innovation, problem solving and the delivery of CGI's full capabilities.